Skincare for beginners.

Thinking of starting a skincare regimen but overwhelmed with the amount of skincare products available in the market these days. You are not alone. The beginning of my skincare journey was so overwhelming I didn’t know where to start.

I just had my second child and did not have the time for my monthly facial like I did before having my babies (being a mom was my number one priority and honestly sleep was my second priority, as any mom would relate) but my skin was taking a toll (dull, congested skin).

I started searching online and discovered the YouTube beauty community. From there on I started watching and reading beauty reviews and little by little discovered what skincare products should be used. As much as I was intrigued but wasn’t committed enough to purchase full priced items without testing them out. This is where I discovered skincare sets. In my opinion the best way to start with skincare is purchasing sets. This way you can get a feel of the product, some products you can get an immediate result. What I like about sets like these you get deluxe size samples that can lasts you for months for example masks, eye creams, oils and serums. Sephora (this is where I purchase the majority of my skincare and makeup) always puts out their “Sephora favorites” sets from all categories (lip sets, hair care, perfume, a mix of everything and skincare) take advantage of these sets to discover you’re favorites. Hurry because these sets (usually skincare) sell out quickly. So here are a couple of Sets I’ve tried and bought the full size and recommend.

Also, before purchasing anything always read reviews. Personally, over the years reviews have helped me on deciding if I wanted to purchase a product. A review can break or make the deal for me. So, make sure you read or watch reviews on products you are thinking about getting. If you want to get an in-depth review on a certain product (ingredient+ professional review from a person that knows what they are talking about because it’s their job) check out my favorite bloggers/YouTubers.

Caroline Hirons:


Important note: The products I mention like the Sunday Riley and Drunk Elephant have glycolic and lactic acid (which make you’re skin sensitive to the sun). So please remember to wear you’re sunscreen, never leave home without it (this is a motto I live by). And always read the directions on how to use the product.

Another important note: consult you’re dermatologist before you start any skin regimen if you have skin issues like rosacea or acne or if you’re pregnant please consult you’re doctor. These are very important things to consider before venturing into skincare products.

Click on the picture to get detailed info (ex: price and size of each product)I love Sunday Riley good genes it is my holy grail product. I own both these products in full size. You just can’t go wrong with this you get a cleanser and the good genes lactic acid treatment.Fresh is another great brand to try out the nectar mask is amazing. I tried sample size of both. It is on my list for future purchases so is the cleanser.

If you want to splurge. I definitely recommend this set. You can’t go wrong you have the top selling products for Drunk Elephant line. They are tried and true for me. I have this set in full size.

This set by Clinique is amazing if you’re skin is dehydrated or if you have combination skin. This is also great for the summer time (you still need to moisturize in the summer). It comes with a full size moisture surge.

Below I have included more affordable skincare sets to try out, so go check them out.

Disclaimer: These photos are not mine there from the Sephora webisite. I’m not a doctor or an esthetician. These opinions are mine from experience.

The joy skincare brings me. Does this make me a vain person?

Welcome back,

Everyone’s definition of beauty differs. How many times have we heard that “beauty lies from within” and “beauty fades with age.” As much as it’s true no one really takes it into account especially when we live in a digital world where every feature is inhanced to look perfect. When you look at Instagram feeds of beautiful women/celebs pic and just for a sec wish you had some certain feature of theirs (I’m sure these beautiful ppl don’t wake up looking as good as their Instagram posts). Back to reality, social media is just a facade it’s not real life. This is what we should be teaching ourselves and our kids.

So, am I vain for caring about my looks? For me beauty is power. To be able to look at yourself in the mirror and accept yourself as you are. There is nothing wrong with haveing some help with beauty products to lift our confidence, to help in some areas you are unhappy with or just for the enjoyment of doing it. I like to take care of my skin because:

1- It has become part of my daily Am/ Pm routine.

2- I truly believe that skincare products (good quality ingredients) do make a difference in how your skin looks and feels (take this from someone who suffered from acne in my late teens & early 20’s)

3-  It is a special time of the day where I can unwind and do something (which I enjoy doing) for me. As a mom, I consider it a therapy session. After I put the kids to sleep and release a long exhale. I prepare myself for my nightly skincare routine. After I’ve finished, I make myself a green tea, get myself into bed and put on Netflix. Now, I’m a happy mama. We all have different ways of relaxing and taking off our daily stress. How do you guys unwind after a long day?

My night time routine in order from left to right. Youth to the people cleanser is amazing gentle in my skin but non drying which is key for a youthful skin (dry skin = wrinkles) Son & Park beauty water also gentle but effective toner. Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic+retinol peel pads (got 2 samples in my Sephora play box which I’m loving.) kiehls midnight recovery concentrate got from Sephora as a 100 point perk. Placed an order for a full size absolutely love it my skin wakes up looking plump and healthy looking. Another kiehls Sephora play box sample powerful strength line reducing concentrate with 12.5 % vitamin C. This combo is amazing and my face is loving it.

My first blog post


Hello to my first blog. My name is Shereen and I’m a mom of two. I have been wanting to start a blog for some time now. To be honest I  just haven’t had the confidence or time to do it.

Also, it does feel a little intimidating, when you have people doing it for years. I feel like a freshmen in my first day of high school. I definitely can not compete.  So, I decided one day (2 months ago to be exact) that I’m going to stop procrastinating. I just wanted a place to express myself and talk about things I like which are beauty (skin care) and fashion.

I hope to gain knowledge and friendship from this platform. As women to help and lift each other positively. This is my special space away from all the craziness going on in today’s world. So, welcome!